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Kenmore Equipment was established some 20 years ago by founding member Ken Kendall with the express purpose of serving the mining industry with mining machinery and crushing equipment.

As a consequence of this effort two divisions were established:

1. Our original focus was the USED MINING EQUIPMENT, this entailed sourcing and supplying as requested by our customers.

We have concentrated our efforts in the following fields

  • Mineral Processing Equipment
  • Crushing, Screening and Milling
  • Conveying Equipment and Accessories
  • Underground Locomotives
  • Various Rail Cars
  • Slurry Plumbing
  • Blasting Ancillary Equipment
  • Air and Water Mining Hose


2. It became abundantly clear that many of our regional clients required additional support. This witnessed the birth of our GENERAL TRADING DIVISION. In this division we will source anything our clients require, inter alia:

  • Electrical Equipment and Spares
  • Mechanical Equipment and Spares
  • Security Related Equipment


Our service entails preparing all export related documentation, and preparing transport, which covers the southern, western and East African states. It is equally important to know that we have our own warehousing and yard facilities, which includes lifting equipment.

As our business grew, we found the need to specialise especially in the crushing and milling field, and so Kenmore Crushing Solutions was created.

In 2008, a specialised division focussing on Blasting Ancillary Equipment was established and this has grown.

To find out more information on mining machinery or crushing equipment, contact us.

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