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Kenmore Equipment

Kenmore Equipment was established 15 years ago with the express purpose of serving the mining industry in Africa.

As a consequence of this , three divisions have been established:


Our original focus was the supply of USED MINING EQUIPMENT to the mining sector, sourcing and supplying equipment as requested by our customers.
We have concentrated our efforts in the following fields :

Mineral Processing Equipment
Crushing and Screening
Conveying Equipment and Accessories
Underground Locomotives
Various Rail Cars
Slurry Pumping

to mention a few.



The GENERAL TRADING division has become an integral part of Kenmore Equipments business , with our team of buyers well versed in sourcing any of the consumable products our customers require , ranging from electrical commodities to mechanical spare parts.
Our service includes preparing all export related documentation, and organising transport, which covers the southern, eastern and west African states.
Added to this , Kenmore has its own warehousing and yard facilities, including lifting equipment.


In 2009 , Kenmore Equipment purchased a company called SubSaharan Exports , which dealt predominantly in the supply of blasting accessories to the mines .


The list of commodities is impressive , and includes:

Lategan Anfo Loaders (Kenmore are the agents in to Africa)
Lodex Anfo Mixers
AECE range of blasting accessories , including shot exploders , continuity testers , centralised blasting systems , and blasting ohmmeters (Kenmore are the agents in to Africa)
Molacca cane charging rods and rubber charging heads
Green PVC Mining hose
Stemming plugs and Plastic Spiders

Added to Kenmore Equipments ability to supply a vast range of mining equipment to the industry , is the technical back-up we supply with our experienced team able to offer any advice and assistance needed , should such a need arise .
With vast dealings in Zimbabwe , Zambia and the DRC , we at Kenmore Equipment strive to offer a top quality service to our large range of customers.

To find out more information on used mining equipment like mineral processing equipment, contact us.